The difference between Religion and Jesus
Friday 28 August
As followers of Jesus, we can rightly claim that we are not into religion.  The difference can easily be summed up by comparing DO and DONE:

What is religion?  Religion is about doing certain things to try and win "god's favour".  All religions prescribe a certain list of dos to make it into heaven.  It is about climbing the ladder of one's own performance to get right with God.  Religion is about DO.

Christianity is about DONE. In Jesus, God comes down to our levels, pays the price for our poor performance (sin) on the cross, and is raised to life again. This give us a certain hope and future. Our right relationship with God is based on what Jesus has done.  It is a gift that we receive by trusting Jesus -not ourselves. It is DONE!

If you want a really short explanation: religion is about following rules to impress God; Christianity is about a relationship with God through Jesus.  A 6-word explanation: religion is duty; Jesus is freedom.

That is why we call the ‘gospel’ (what Jesus has accomplished in his life, death, resurrection and ascension) GOOD NEWS!

Parent Teacher Interviews
Parent-Teacher Interviews will take place on Thursday 3rd September. Teachers will be available from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm in 10-minute slots allowing for more opportunities to meet with the teachers of your choice.

Parent Lounge is now open. If you have any trouble logging in please contact College Reception on 5466 9900. You are also strongly encouraged to have your child join you in the interview to ensure we are giving our young people a voice and genuine empowerment over their learning.

If there are any questions or concerns, as always, we encourage you to get in touch sooner rather than later.
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Inside this week's Senior News you will find many new local vacancies for school-based and full-time apprenticeships in 2021 as well as after school and weekend work available at Schulte’s Meat Tavern. A local construction business is seeking applications from interested persons for school-based and full-time apprenticeships in 2021. Make sure to check out the available Ladybird Law and Conveyancing traineeship located in Springfield. School-based traineeship vacancies at St Andrew’s Hospital in Cert II Hospitality Kitchen Operations or Cert III Health Services are also available now. Find out more about these inside.
TAFE in schools still have limited vacancies in some courses. Many Universities have commenced their Scholarship Applications and there is plenty of information inside for these. USQ are also having their Virtual Open Day on Saturday 5th September.
Don’t forget you can access driving lessons and assistance for your Learners and Provisional Driver’s licences, PCYC are currently running the ‘Brake the Cycle’ Program that is FREE for students to access.
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